About the Literacy Service Planning Institute

In Ontario, regional literacy networks have a mandated role in the area of service planning and coordination. As the provincial focus moves toward providing a seamless service experience to clients, this planning role is broadening. It now includes a more coordinated planning approach with other sectors and systems – planning in a more integrated way.

A project conducted by Literacy Link South Central explored what skills and knowledge are needed to effectively implement service planning and coordination. The end result is a variety of tools and resources necessary to build skills and knowledge in service planning. This website is a gathering point for these resources and the corresponding skill building tools.

About Service Planning

Service planning is not a new concept. For many years, organizations have put thought into the services they provide to their clients and community and the impact they want to have – all with the goal of improving services and making a difference in the lives of people who use those services. The service planning process acts as a framework for making services responsive to, and organized around, the needs of communities. The resulting service plan allows a community or organization to play an active role in moving in the direction that it wants. It also allows a community or organization to react appropriately to various challenges and opportunities.